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From :: Fonseca Potter ( to Dear Net Friends,
It is possible you might have seen this kind of posting somewhere while browsing, and just have forgotten it. Not your Mistake. The Program has not been Conveyed Properly to you. It has been shown on OPRAH Show Live & make $528,000. It has been shown in 20/20. Here is how it goes:-
1. It is completely Legal, clearly endorsed by Paypal.
2. You are given a list of 10 Mail Ids. 1 being the entry level, 10 being the exit level.
3. You will see if not Millions of $$$$$, at least tens of thousand of $$$$$ over week, after week, and it will keep going on, IF YOU DO AS INSTRUCTED WITH MISSIONARY ZEAL. Just Search any of the Search Engines to find how many thousands of them have become Millionaires. How they reached that level, I will give you step-y-step instructions. It is pretty easy, no knowledge of coding, no making websites. But yes some level of dedication & Hardwork is involved for couple of weeks. Then you even go to sleep, but your paypal account will keep ringing with bucks non-stop. Please ensure you have a premier or business A/c in Paypal, if not open one immediately. IT IS FREE TO OPEN BY ANY ONE FROM ANY PART OF THE WORLD. All they need is your Credit Card & bank details, so that they can remit the money immediately. Likewise you can also send Money to Mail IDs from Across the World.
4) I am on the Second week end, I have already earned $38801/- till date. Unbelieveable, please believe it, as ANYTHING is possible, if you know where & how to turn the Internet ON towards your benefit. within my postings in last 6 days, my Paypal is rich by additional $9010/-. WHAT MORE TO SAY.
5) THIS IS STEP -1 :: I have first sent $1 each to 10 people in an Hierarchical List., which is as under:-
6) STEP 2 :: once you have a PayPal account running; use Paypal to pay $1USD to EACH of the 10 Email Addresses below because you pay people with an email address in Paypal, HERE’S HOW IT’S DONE : A. Log in to PayPal. Go to SEND MONEY tab. B. Type in Recipients name: (Email address) Subject: “EMAIL LIST” Category: “SERVICE” C. Next screen: CHECK PAYMENT DETAIL - Select “NO SHIPPING ADDRESS REQUIRED” D. Send Money. THAT’S IT. YOU’RE DONE. What you are doing is creating a service. Once you have completed this step, PLEASE REMOVE EMAIL ID. NO.1 & REPLACE IT WITH EMAIL ID. NO.2. THIS WAY 3 WILL MOVE TO 2, 4 TO 3, 5 TO 4, 6 TO 5, 7 TO 6, 8 TO 7, 9 TO 8, & 10 TO 9. AT THIS STAGE PLEASE ENSURE YOU ENTER YOUR MAIL ID. AT NO. 10 PLACE. So in-effect you have invested Just $10 to enroll yourself in this Self-Money-Generating-Project.

THIS PROGRAM IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! PAYPAL PAYS THE TAX FOR YOU, SO THERE’S NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THIS. THIS FEE IS USUALLY 2% + 30 cents for every pay, which is taken from the one who receives the payment. So, it is perfectly legal, start making money now! Just give it a thought! How many times we spend out 10 bucks on so many things which we really dont NEED. Here it is one-time investment. The best part is, the people who have received 1 USD from you, would also taken similar efforts to reach out to a large audience in the web. Everybody automatically keeps earning. By the time you reach Position No.1 you would have earned Millions of Dollars, on a conservative estimate, considering that only 20% of the people at each level get response from their postings in forums, Blogs, Discussion Boards, & Most Importantly Invite all the people you have got acquainted over the years. I am sure if you jog your memory, not less than 250 people you will be able to write down in a paper. Send mails to them about this Program, and ask them to do websearch with ANY search engine they want, they will only find good reports about this program. You are sure to convert at least 50% of them immediately. This program has been highly successful, because of the basic & innate honesty of the people and in addition they too have a huge futuristic stake.
7) MOST VITAL ASPECT :: Once you have sent $1USD Each to Mail Id 1. to 10, what you do is enter your Mail ID at No.10 & that automatically removes Mail ID 1 (It will go off the list permanently), since 10 will be moving to 9, 9 to 8, 8 to 7 , 7 to 6, 6 to 5, 5 to 4, 4 to 3, 3 to 2, 2 to 1, and the Person at Level 1 will go off the List. Hope it is very well understood.
8) Once you are done with this do as follows,WITHOUT ANY CHANGE TO THE CONTENT.
This scheme has been in the World Wide Web since 2008, and has had stupendous success, ONLY due to the Honesty, Sincereity, Transparency, & Highly Dedicated & Highly Motivated Hardwork that follows, once you send $1. What you have to do post this article to Article Boards, Make Money or Money, Wealth Related Forums, Discussion Boards, Blogspots. Post in usenet & usenext Groups. on a web search you would get Millions of them. Minimum you have to post in about a maximum of 500 postings. BUT REMEMBER, THE MORE AND MORE YOU POST, THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE, AS WELL AS EVERYONE IN THE LIST. Please be Honest, Visit bulletin Boards, Blogspots, Money related forums and personally enroll & post it. I did it in 14 days time.
As per various Internet Surveys, on an average 10,00,000 new internet users from around the world enter www each and every day. Most of them are in Search of Quick Money Making Schemes, Jobs, Rental Houses, Buy and sell used material, Investment opportunities, work from home programs, etc etc.. Hence the most we are seen, the better.
As a matter of fact, my postings have been very methodical and have posted in relevant forums in Affluent / semi Affluent Countrywise Boards. My postings are in US,UK, Israel, South Africa, UAE, Bahrain, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, India. Best of luck % wish you tons of $$$$$$.

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